I get so lonely at night. Sometimes during the day, too, but it’s easier to ignore then.

(by mpried)

Mountain Of Legends by John Westrock on Flickr.

Sunday night I went back to CT for a doctors appointment Monday morning. I spent some time with my family (limited because they were in Springfield most of Sunday and working Monday) and then I went to see David for a while. It was probably the best night we’ve had in a while. It was fun. We went to Willimantic and he showed me where his new apartment is and then we went to WilliBrew which is a pub there and the nachos were amazing. They also brew their own beer. We got the Flowers Infusion which was a medium ale but it had a lot of floral notes. It was delicious. We also got a sampler of 5 other beers as well and split that. Then we went to the drive in to see Hercules and Tammy (weirdest movie pairing ever). It was a great time. We had so much fun dicking around together. I don’t even mind that we aren’t technically dating right now. Its enough to just be around him when we have the chance. We both have way too much shit to do and work out to be together right now, but I’m hoping when we are both finally graduated from college we can try again. I know I’m not going to feel the way I feel about him about anyone else. He’s it for me. And I know that he think I’m it for him too. He’s just worried that being in love with me and me  being in love with him is going to keep him from some of the dreams he has. Like traveling extensively and things like that. But he’s silly if he thinks I’m going to stand in the way of his dreams. I want him to thrive and be happy. There is no way I would stand in the way of anything he wants to accomplish and I know he wouldn’t do that to me. 

In other news I signed my new hire paperwork at Apple today. I have Core (Orientation) this coming weekend and I’m so freaking excited. I’ve never been so excited to start a job, ever. I had my last day at Teavana yesterday and that was fun, too. Things are going well and looking up and school starts in a little over a month. I’m excited and also terrified to start my senior year, but it’ll be so much fun. 


The most beautiful 5 hour hike leading to a tea house in the mountains
Anonymous: Did he move on?

No, he didn’t.

I’m not depressed, my heart isn’t broken; it’s defeated. And I think that might be worse.


canada #30 by níls on Flickr.